Indoor Plants

Houseplants… Indoor plants for the urban jungle.

Indoor Plants – We have an ever changing collection of houseplants for the urban jungle enthusiast or the newcomer to the joy of houseplants.

We are proud to stock a large range of houseplants across the year here at Port Sunlight Garden Centre. To add structure and life to a room, to add for their air purifying qualities, or as a little gift for loved ones you will always find a range of houseplants perfect for the job.

Available throughout the year, we stock a huge varying selection in sizes from small terrarium fillers to bigger structural plants.

Throughout the year including
Phlebodium, Monstera, Fatsia, Kentia, Schlumbergera, Dracenea, Sanseviera, Schefflera, Chlorophytum, unusual ferns and hanging plants.
Succulents & Cacti, Haworthia, Opuntia, String of Pearls.